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Carmel By The Sea

For a peaceful and scenic retreat from the city, you consider visiting the location situated south of Monterey. It is where the beach city of Carmel is located which is also called as Carmel by the Sea. Even though the area has a population of no more than 5000 people, it is the ideal location for artists. There are over 90 art galleries, 14 churches, antique stores, resorts, golf courses, restaurants, outdoor cafes, wineries, and boutique as well as souvenir stores. If you have a creative streak in you that you want to further develop, it is best to spend a vacation in Carmel for a week or two. Due to the artistic and creative emphasis in Carmel, it will enlighten you with the variety of art activities held.

Carmel is famous since Clint Eastwood became a mayor there as well as the called home by well-known personalities such as Upton Sinclair, Doris Day, Jack London and Henry Miller. There are several must visit spots in Carmel, such as the 17 Mile Drive, Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Cannery Row, golfing, whale watching in Monterey Bay, scuba diving, fishing and many more.

For a picturesque and peaceful vacation, Carmel is definitely the best choice. The location has been recognized as a popular tourist spot in the entire country and you have to visit it to see its true splendor. Carmel is situated on a picturesque beach with white sands along with the village that exudes an old-world style where you can enjoy gourmet dining, fun, shopping, arts and romance.

For artists, Carmel is considered as the hub for artists, actors, writers and even playwright who intend to generate a cultural and intellectual oasis. On a yearly basis, many visitors are drawn to the attractive festivals and events that aim to promote and improve the creative traditions in Carmel. The yearly Carmel Art Festival, Carmel Shakespeare Festival and the Carmel Bach Festival are some of the events that are presented by both local and international actors, professional artists and musicians.

Carmel is definitely the ideal location for those who have an artistic streak in them as well as those who want to enjoy the arts showcased in the area. It is a great place to enjoy the sights and activities that you can engage in. additionally, the great accommodations, shopping and dining offered, it is definitely a complete vacation that is truly memorable and fun.

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