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Many people walk around in a state of profound disconnection. People in the modern world are carrying a tragic burden of stress and worry about their problems. But little do people know, the keys to letting go of your worries, having a clear mind, and living a more relaxed, Chill Mood lifestyle are right outside your door.

The benefits of connecting with the planet Earth have long been known to alternative health practitioners and doctors. Most people recommend walking and hiking in nature as the most basic form of health maintenance. Walking is one of the most healthy forms of exercise a person can do, and is also very relaxing which can lower your levels of stress and simply make you feel better.,

Ambling down a trail, along a stream or lakeshore, or through a shady park gets your blood flowing, helps you breath more deeply, and helps you get away from the hustle and bustle of modern civilization. When the wind blows in the leaves, or the birds chatter away in the treetops, or the babble of the steam fades in as the car horns fade out, imagine your blood pressure dropping, your body relaxing, and your nerves beginning to unwind. That is the feeling of rejuvenation!

Walking in nature is gentle on the body and the mind. Immersing yourself in the tall trees of a forest or the emerald grasses of a meadow has a magical ability to melt your stress away. Sometimes, like on a sunny summer afternoon, you might feel like wandering aimlessly. Other times, like when you are trying to stay warm in a rain squall, a brisk walk is the way to go. Either way, simply breathing fresh air, stepping outside of buildings and machines, and being fully present in the moment at hand awaits.

Connecting with Earth can have other benefits too. Scientists tell us that because of the hundreds of computers, radios, appliances, and other electrical currents that surround us in modern society, our bodies begin to build up electric charges. These changes in the electric charge of our body make us feel uptight, stressed, sick, and unhealthy. But fortunately for us, there is a large body nearby at all times that can take that electric charge away – the Earth!

The surface of planet Earth has a slight negative charge, which is part of the reason lightning strikes flow up as well as down. But when we touch the Earth with our bare skin, all the excess charge that has built up in our bodies is carried away by the planet, leaving us more relaxed and feeling better than ever. Scientific studies have verified that when you walk outside barefoot, your health indicators immediately improve!

These two simple tips – walking outside, and touching the surface of planet Earth with your bare skin – can lead to a clear mind, a healthy body, and a feeling of peace. Take time everyday to put aside your worries, your schedule, and your stress, and simply walk upon the Earth. You will find right away that you begin to feel more relaxed and more wholesome than ever, living fully and experiencing a Chill Mood.

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