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You were a stranger passing in the night. Our meeting was a breeze in the mid-summer’s air. For such a brief encounter, I still see you in my dreams at night. When I close my eyes, I can see your seductive eyes looking at me with the kind of desire that made me weak in the knees. You walked closer to me and I could feel you undressing me in your mind. The chemistry between us was instant and there was an attraction that immediately drew me straight to you in the midst of a crowded room. You whispered in my ear and told me your name, making me stumble over my words when I tried to tell you mine. Your laugh echoes in my dreams with your bright smile that captivated me. My attention was nowhere else and our connection was strong enough to last long after the night was over.

There wasn’t a moment that I wasn’t soaking every inch of you into my mind. I wanted to capture everything about you, every second with you, so that I could never forget it. The way your hair fell, slightly grazing your face every time you turned your head… I could see the silkiness of not only your hair, but the skin it laid upon so perfectly. You revealed only so much skin, which left me imagining what you were hiding underneath the clothes that hugged the body I so desired to explore.

My dreams remind me of your breath touching my skin, the heat of our bodies as we moved together in our intimate embrace. I could feel every curve… every inch of your body and my dreams vividly remind me of how it felt against mine. Your soft lips had begged to be met with mine and I envision them still caressing my body every night. Every time I breathed you in, your sweet fragrance pleased my senses and now, it’s a smell that brings pleasure to my thoughts.

Just as the sun was on the rise, you were gone with the night. You left without a trace. I awoke without your presence, but the thoughts of an unforgettable night. I play every detail over in my head throughout the day and everything replays in my dreams at night. Everywhere I look, it is my hope to see you and in every person I pass, there is a little piece of them that makes me think of you. I look forward to my dreams knowing it is there where I will feel you again.

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