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Hawaiian Treasure

As Spring is upon us and Summer is quickly approaching, it is often that we catch ourselves dreaming about relaxing in paradise. We look outside our windows to the sun shining, kids playing after school ends for the summer and a world much more exciting than our to-do list at work or around the house. Whether it be a week-long vacation or a short weekend getaway, there is a frequent desire to escape from our daily, hectic routines. Whether your paradise is on a tropical beach, beneath a waterfall or surrounding yourself with candlelight, a hot bath, a glass of wine and relaxing music, it is important to find that peace, relaxation and restoration…that kind of paradise; it is essential to our wellbeing.

When we make the time to actually escape to our paradise, we are able to embrace the incredible world around us and the peace we find within us that we may lose sight of in the midst of our chaotic lives. If your paradise is on a beach, you can finally enjoy hearing the tranquil crashing of the ocean waves against the shore, the calming sound of the breeze and you can feel the warmth of the sun on our skin. If your paradise is found in the comfort of your own home, you can finally enjoy the silence that eludes you during a busy day or maybe enjoy the sound of relaxing music that takes you away from the moment. The power of music can serve as the perfect outlet for emotion, relaxation and may also bring a sense of peace that is vital to living a life in harmony.

No matter how busy life gets, never forget the joy that escaping, even just for a moment, or one song, brings to your wellness… to your life. Regardless of the place that brings you this peace, always remember to make time to be there, embracing the beauty that passes you by on an ordinary day. Take in the sights, sounds and smells that bring you peace and happiness or even remind you of a pleasant memory. Life is way too short not to be happy… so, take that trip to paradise…wherever it may be… as often as you can.

Featured in Kauai Photographic Journey

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