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In a world that’s either here or there, this or that, up or down, good or bad, black or white, life or death, all or nothing, we tend to forget about everything in between. The glass is either half full or half empty; a question we raise to others that we can utilize to reflect on our own lives. We either see a moment as good or bad and we forget that in a moment, we will take a memory with us that can help us grow for the future and ultimately, live a fuller, more meaningful life.

Our lives are a sequence of events that have brought us joy, pain, love, loss, strength, weakness, struggles, indulgences, etc. These events are moments within our lives that no matter how they’ve transpired, have given us memories and lessons that we carry with us as we continue on our life journey. Each experience teaches us something about others, the world and ourselves.

It is imperative as human beings to celebrate the positive, memorable events that occur in our lives. These moments are special for us because we share them with individuals or in places that are important to us, they bring us joy through the experience itself and then, through the memory that each moment creates for us. These experiences are parts of our story that serve as glimpses of what we’ve done, where we’ve been and who we were at one time that all contribute to the people we choose to become.

In a world where negative energy spreads similar to wildfire, it is essential that we continue to remind ourselves of everything positive within our lives, within ourselves and with others. When we embrace the things we are grateful for, the experiences and events that have given us joy, hope, love and wonderful memories, we can find true happiness and peace.

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