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My Heart Cries For You

Throughout our lives, we experience times that bring us our greatest joy and other moments that bring us immeasurable pain. Along our life journey, we share our experiences with our loved ones and people we meet along the way. We create memories, share laughter, smiles, happiness and in some beautiful form, love. There are an incredible amount of thoughts and emotions that people feel as they go through life and one of the most powerful associations of our expression of emotions is through our heart. Although the heart is an organ within the body, it is vital to our being, both literally and metaphorically.

Our heart is the source from which we create our greatest love stories and our saddest love songs. As we grow older, we encounter different relationships that show us our capacity to love another individual as well as the possibility to suffer different magnitudes of heartache from these same individuals.

When we lose love to either a breakup or with the unfortunate passing of a lover, we mourn a loss. We have to wake up the next day without that person beside us. We have to go through the day without speaking, laughing or being in the company of the person we shared our days and nights with. The phone will ring, but it won’t be that person. Our routine will no longer be ours, but yours. You will no longer feel the arms that embraced you, the kisses that weakened you in the knees or see the person that has significantly impacted the person you are today.

My heart cries for you…for your touch that brought me intimacy, comfort, passion and safety. My heart cries for you…for the moments I miss you and find myself reminiscing about the past because the present no longer includes you. My heart cries for you…at the sound of a song that reminds me of you or passing a place that we used to frequent with one another. My heart cries for you… for the future we planned together that I no longer know how to go forward without you. My heart cries for you… wondering why you left (or were taken from me). My heart cries for you… hoping you would find your way back to me. My heart cries for you… for no longer having the ability to tell you when something great happens or when I’m having a bad day. My heart cries for you… for the love I still feel that no longer is reciprocated by you. My heart cries for you… for the connection between us that at times needed no words. My heart cries for you… for how well you knew me better than I knew myself. My heart cries for you… for the best that you brought out in me and how I will never be the same again. My heart cries for you… for the lover, best friend and other half that I’ve lost. My heart cries for you… for the loss of a love that filled my heart and my life.

Heartache, breakups and death are all experiences that cause our heart to feel some of the strongest emotions humanly possible. When we feel pain, we feel as though life comes to screeching halt; that our world has fallen part. As impossible as it seems at the time, life goes on. We have to take one day at a time in order to heal. Some pain may never go away completely, but we learn to live again. We learn to fly again with the help of our friends and family to repair our broken wings.

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