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Nights In Split

Vis is the furthest outlying island off the coast of Croatia – if you are visiting Croatia, getting to the island alone is like having a getaway during your vacation.

With another year almost gone by, take a look back at last year and remember all the great things it brought you – even if you have to dig among the not-so-great ones to find them.

After a day-long excursion on Vis, you eventually head back to the ship and make your way back to the city of Split. In the midst of this trip, caught up in the calm, deep blue waters of Adriatic Sea, you find that you lose yourself in the moment, and wish that it would last forever.

As you are sailing back to mainland, the waters around you rock you into a state of tranquil oblivion, where the rest of your life, along with all its troubles, seems to float away. You become mesmerized by the water, and let go of the world around you, to be completely overtaken by the feeling of peace and quiet happiness.

Life is truly a journey – sometimes it is a bumpy ride, sometimes it is smooth sailing; and in the midst of it, you find a quiet moment of joy that you just want to capture and live in that moment forever. As Ashley Montagu once said: “The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.” These moments refresh all your senses and makes you more aware of your existence within our vast universe. They are shockingly memorable in the present, but get quickly forgotten in the future. But while you are here, sailing on the waves of the sea, you appreciate them more than anything else in the world, and think of how rare, and how beautiful these tiny slivers of time are.

From the first showing of twilight, nights are known to be the most romantic time of the day – there is just something about the shadows slowly moving in around us, making everything more mysterious and enchanting. Floating over dark waters, heading from the island of Vis back to Croatia’s mainland, outside of your usual surroundings, with crisp air in your face and purple skies above you, you just want to forget it all.

In this exact moment, you feel like a little kid again, without a trouble in the world – running barefoot in the rain, building sand castles, playing with your dog. Before life picked you up and swirled you in the palm of its hand, and made you forget that sweet innocence you once had. But now, grasping onto this precious moment in time, you get that childlike feeling of wonder, along with a wizened sense of experience, and just a drop of sadness that seems to flow through you as smoothly as the waves that are carrying you to shore.

You realize that it’s great to be alive, that you have met many wonderful people, and will meet many more on your journey through life. That you have loved and lost, and will love again, and laugh, and cry, and strive to be great, and stumble along the way, but get up and try again…and that this one moment that you are in right now is very precious. Right now, with sea air filling your lungs, you are seeing everything ten times clearer, and as you reflect on the past, and think about the future, you suddenly realize how truly happy you are…

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