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Humans are incredibly similar to flowers. From birth, both humans and flowers begin to bloom; both are growing and developing from their core…their centers. Every flower blooms at different times and at different paces as do people throughout their lives. We are all different, but we all possess a beauty that can be seen from our outside/petals right down to our heart and soul/stigmas.

The stigma of a flower, its center, is the “heart” of a flower. In humans, their heart is the core of their being. You must look deep within to find both the stigma of a flower and the heart of a person. The stigma is a defining trait of a flower as is the heart of an individual. When an individual gazes at a flower, from each petal down to the stigma, one can see all the beauty of the flower as a whole. The same can be stated for an individual; when one learns about another’s inner being, one can see the entire beauty of that individual. When a flower is closed off, there is a bit of sadness that is felt that one cannot see what that flower contains within; that same sadness can be felt when one individual cannot connect with another because an “emotional wall” separates them. When a flower is open, a person can see every part of the flower and embrace all of it; the same is to be said for people. If one was to take away the stigma of a flower and the heart of an individual, one would be destroying the beautiful creation of nature.

Flowers not only enhance the beauty of nature, but also empower individuals as they interact with them. The beauty of a flower alone can turn an individual’s bad day better solely by the sight of its vibrant color or the intake of its rejuvenating smell. A flower can take over one’s senses and take them away, even just for a few moments. Whether one is experiencing a hectic schedule, a bad day or a stressful afternoon, it is put on pause and is replaced by the tranquil power of a flower. Looking at or smelling a flower can bring a moment of serenity and balance to an otherwise chaotic life.

Flowers have symbolized different emotional expressions for many years; flowers have been given as a token of love, appreciation, sympathy or in celebration of life events and milestones. When one is in receipt of flowers, there is an emotional response of gratitude, love, comfort, etc. A favorite flower may bring an individual happiness solely for its beauty or favored smell as well as remind that individual of a fond memory. Flowers are used to accentuate the décor and guests of honor at weddings, special occasions as well as used to bring comfort to those whom are ill or in mourning. Flowers are powerful enough to convey messages without having to use words. Flowers and people both possess a deeper meaning and beauty than what lies on the surface; the stigma of a flower and the heart of an individual bind the beauty of their entire being.

Flowers connect humans with nature, emotions and each other. In addition, individuals decorate with flowers to bring beauty, calming fragrance and life to the place they call home. Flowers elicit a sense of peace and harmony that is incredibly unique in nature as well as in life. Flowers catch the attention of one’s eyes, nose and soul. Whether flowers are meant to brighten a room or someone’s day, they are a powerful, significant part of daily life.

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