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Stigma of a flower is located in its very center – it’s the receptive part of a flower’s reproductive system that collects pollen.

When you look at a flower, its stigma is its heart; if the flower is closed, you feel a tinge of regret over not being able to see it’s inside…but if it’s open, your eyes drift from each petal down deeper into the center, studying every element of its composition. This core part of the flower ties all its beauty into a unique piece of art, with stigma as its center.

The center of the flower is really its focal point. It may not be its most beautiful part, but it is one of its unique, defining characteristics. Remove the stigma and you are chipping away at the perfect picture that was created by nature.

Take, for example, the Calla lily – in and of itself it’s a plain-looking white flower, until you add the dark yellow center pistil which has the stigma at the top. Now, instead of plain white, you have a combination of two beautifully matched colors which make this flower look distinguishably elegant, and therefore very popular for holiday decorations, wedding bouquets, and other uses.

Truth be told, all the beautiful petals surrounding a flower’s stigma are merely there to protect it. The flower doesn’t care how good it looks to us – its only worry is to look attractive enough to an insect, all for the sake of transferring pollen to its stigma, which helps it complete its reproductive cycle.

While the flowers are busy attracting the insects, we, inadvertently, become drawn to them too. To their scent, their sweet beauty, the strikingly colored palette of their petals…and at the very center, we find the hidden heart of the flower – its stigma.

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