Until We Meet Again
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Until We Meet Again

There are no words to ease the pain of losing a loved one. We know that death is inevitable, but we are never prepared for the end of a life; whether it is a loved one or our own. We look forward to the next moment that we will have with someone, never knowing when the moment we are in with them will be our last. Whether the loss of a loved one is sudden or it’s anticipated, the days that follow bring a magnitude of grief and sorrow that no words, no sad songs or sympathetic condolences could heal. It breaks our heart to come to terms with the fact that one’s physical presence, company, love, laughter and voice, can never be experienced again and more importantly, that person could never be replaced. It is difficult to cope with the reality that this loved one will never be on the other end of the phone, the person you can run to tell your great news to or the person that will lend a shoulder to lean on through the hard times.

I may have had to see, speak to or tell you “I love you” for the last time in person, but I know we will meet again. Until we meet again, I will find your comfort in the warmth of the sun. I will find the hope you gave me every time I look up at the stars. I will find the motivation you gave me in the gusts of the wind that push me forward. I will recall your smile whenever I hear your favorite songs. I will remember your laugh every time I think about a joke you told. I will remember the honesty in your eyes whenever I look through old photographs. I will think of your genuine heart whenever I do something good for someone else. I will recollect how you always wiped my tears and eased my fears. I will try to cook your favorite foods with the hopes they come out half as good as yours. I will find comfort in knowing you will always, somehow, be with me.

Until we meet again, you will live on in spirit, within my thoughts, my prayers and the stories I share with everyone. Your memory will carry me through the moments when I miss you most. Your spirit will remain within me and guide me through the worst of days. You will be in my heart in times of celebration for these moments I wish I could still have with you. You were, are and will always be the best part of me.

It is not goodbye, it’s a see you later… until we meet again.

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